In business since 1938, Dialight has been pioneering some of the most innovative applications in LED technology since it was developed in the early 1970s. Our employees dedication for excellence, innovation and technology is our most prized resource. Dialight is uniquely positioned as a solid state lighting integrator with expertise in electronic, mechanical, optical and thermal design and production. Our products address a wide spectrum of applications including illumination, signaling, and indication. Our corporate headquarters are located in Farmingdale, NJ and manufacturing in Roxboro, NC and Ensenada, Mexico. We have 3 design centers with quick turn manufacturing capabilities in Europe (1 in Germany and 2 in the UK) We have also have a number of sales staff positioned across the globe.


Deutron Electronics Corp. located in 8F, 68, Sec. 3, Nanking E. Road Taipei, Taiwan. PSC group had accumulated bountiful experience in products and technologies in past few years, especially the group member, Power Chip Semiconductor Corp. is known as the leading DRAM FAB in Taiwan who tied up with Mitsubishi Japan in technology since founded in 1995.


In 1964 Data Device Corporation (DDC) introduced the world's first Synchro-to-Digital converter module. Today, over 40 years later, as a global supplier of data networking solutions and the leading supplier of MIL-STD-1553 interfaces, DDC continues shaping the future of data conversion and networking technology, introducing Fibre Channel, and high-speed data on 1553 Cable. Our new products continue to meet the demand for increased bandwidth and faster serial communication technologies.


Davicom Semiconductor, Inc. was founded in May of 1996 when a group of US based data communication and networking experts acquired the assets of the Communications Product Division of United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC), one of the largest semiconductor manufacturers in Taiwan. Davicom Semiconductor is a leading fabless IC design house specializes in the fast growing wire and wireless network communication IC solutions for mainstream applications. Davicom is a major supplier of Gigabit and Fast Ethernet Local Area Network (LAN), WAN and WLAN chipsets to international original equipment manufactures (OEMs) of networking and communications equipment.


Dialog Semiconductor creates energy-efficient, highly integrated, mixed-signal circuits optimised for personal portable, short-range wireless, lighting, display and automotive applications. We are headquartered near Stuttgart with sales, R&D and marketing operations all over the world.




DAICO Industries, Inc. is a privately held California corporation. Our 41,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility is located just 12 miles south of the Los Angeles International Airport.


Data Delay Devices公司1964年成立,总部设在美国新泽西州,专业生产延迟线器件。该公司设计、开发、生产模拟和数字延迟线及应用模块和滤波器,应用于计算机、通信、军事、航空航天领域。产品从最简单的固定延迟线到复杂的数字可编程延迟线、数字可编程脉冲发生器、动态存储器、定时器、门振荡器和脉冲控制器等,目前产品种类已超过5000种。所生产的产品中65%为商用器件,35%为军用器件。




Diodes 公司是一家在广阔的分散和模拟半导体市场上居全球领先地位的高质量、特定应用标准产品生产商和供应商,服务市场主要面向电子消费品、计算、通讯、工业和汽车制造业。


圜達實業股份有限公司創立於 1985年,專業研發製造各項程式開關、觸動開關,更逐漸延伸到其它精密開關產品,如:滑動開關、偵測開關及旋轉開關等。憑藉著持續累積的研發實力、生產技術及市場行銷經驗,圜達公司堅持提供給客戶優良的品質、快速的交期和專業的技術支援與服務。 25年來,圜達經由不斷的垂直整合,並且在廠區內設立加工中心,已逐漸發展出強而有力的核心競爭優勢。結合「速度」與「技術」, 圜達向全球最佳電子零組件供應廠的目標大步邁進 ,成為客戶值得性賴的並能為客戶提高競爭力的合作夥伴。


Digi International 成立于1985年,当时公司名为Digiboard。公司在1989 年以 Digi International 名称公开上市,在美国NASDAQ市场上使用DGII代码进行交易。Digi 在全球有400多名员工,公司总部位于美国明尼苏达州明尼阿波利斯市市郊的Minnetonka。


英国 Dynament 公司是一个高品质的气体传感器生产厂家,在同类产品中具有领先世界的技术水平,全球拥有的大量用户基础。


Diotec: The Company Your Specialist for Diodes and Rectifiers Semiconductor diodes have always been essential components of electronic devices. Rectifiers in power supplies, diodes for signal processing or protection devices in various circuits: modern electronics cannot function without these parts.




Dongfang Electric Corporation (DEC), with its headquarter in Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan Province, which named as the “Heavenly Land on Earth” and the “Hometown of Giant Panda”, is one of the largest backbone enterprise groups under the direct administration of Chinese Central Government.


DisplayLink network display technology simplifies multi-monitor computing.


Device Engineering Inc. (DEI) has been in business for 10 years designing, manufacturing and testing high quality ICs for avionics and industrial applications. DEI offers a range of control products for power, lighting and avionics busses. They have a complete family of transceivers for the ARINC 429 data bus that is compliant with the ARINC 429 specification.


Digisensor was founded in March 2000 through the cooperation between MITCOM ENGINEERINGSwitzerland and the Department of Information Technology (HoChiMinh City University of Technology – HCMUT).


We have grouped our IGBT modules by voltage grade. The IGBT voltages shown below represent the maximum working voltage for each group of IGBTs. Each table shows the available circuit configurations with current ratings in ascending order. Other combinations of chip technology, current rating and baseplate material may be available, please ask Customer Services. Naked IGBT die are also available. Customer Services can provide more information about die. Dynex is happy to offer custom IGBT module solutions to customers with non-standard requirements, please see Custom IGBT Module Capability for more information. To view other available IGBT products please select the IGBT maximum working voltage from the options below.