Based in Minnesota, USA, Bonner is the world's top automation technology expert and overall solution provider. The company has more than 22000 products, with the most complete product line, including: photoelectric sensors, measurement and detection products, industrial wireless network products, visual sensors, security products, industrial intelligent indicator lights and rotary encoder series, which can meet various detection needs. In the development process of more than 40 years, Bonner always takes innovation as the source power of product application and R & D.


BiTEK Shuojie technology, located in Taipei, is a professional integrated circuit design company. With a capital of NT $330 million, its business scope mainly includes the design, R & D and sales of integrated circuits. Its sales network is mainly in Taiwan, South Korea, the mainland, Japan and other regions, and will continue to expand to meet unlimited business opportunities in the global market.


With more than 50 years of experience in the field of sensors, Baruch has now become a leading sensor expert in the world, producing its own series of connection products for the field of factory automation. Headquartered in Germany and with representative offices and branches in 54 countries or regions, Baruch has established its own professional brand image on all continents of the world.


Burr brown, founded in 1956, is a company that manufactures analog integrated circuits. In 2000, burr Brown was acquired by Texas Instruments and incorporated into its high-performance analog components department, specializing in the production of analog components (ADC, DAC, etc.).


BCD Semiconductor Manufacturing Limited ("BCD Semiconductor") is a leading analog integrated device manufacturer, or IDM, based in China, specializing in the design, manufacture and sale of power management integrated circuits. Our broad product portfolio targets primarily rapid growing, high volume market segments such as mobile phones, LCD televisions and monitors, personal computers, adapters and chargers. As an IDM, we integrate product design and process technology to optimize product performance and cost, and offer system-level solutions with quality and reliability. Our China-based operations also give us immediate access to the fast growing electronics industry in Asia, enabling us to align our product development efforts with market trends and provide timely and effective technical support to our customers.


Bourns供应汽车电子设备、消费电子产品、零售及工业系统、医疗技术、网络通讯、办公事务机器、个人及行动运算和电信等广大市场。 产品线包括精密电位器、面板控制器、编码器、电阻/电容电路网、芯片电阻/排阻、电感、变压器、可恢复式保险丝、闸流体过电压保护器、线路馈入电阻、气体放电管、通讯传输设备、5-pin 保护器、工业用信号、灌溉和石油保护、有线电视同轴电缆保護等。


Shanghai bright Power Semiconductor Co., Ltd. is a company engaged in the design and sales of power management chips. Its main products are high-power LED driver chips, which provide high-quality and cost-effective LED driver chips and system solutions for LED green lighting customers engaged in energy conservation and environmental protection.


BI Technologies has been an innovator and leader in electronic components for 50 years. We have evolved and changed, in name and in form, while retaining our innovative spirit.


BYD, founded in 1995, now has three major industries: it, automobile and new energy. BYD is the world's largest producer of rechargeable batteries, with the world's largest shipments of nickel cadmium batteries and lithium batteries for mobile phones; the world's largest shipments of mobile phone buttons; and the world's second largest shipments of mobile phone shells. BYD automobile has rapidly grown into the most innovative national independent automobile brand, and it leads the global electric vehicle market with its unique technology. In terms of new energy, BYD has successfully launched green products such as solar power station, energy storage station, electric vehicle and led, and is determined to continue to lead the global new energy reform!


Founded in April 1993, BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd. (BOE A: 000725; BOE B: 200725) is a provider of photoelectric display technology, products and solutions. BOE is the only enterprise in China that can produce a full range of semiconductor display products, and also the only enterprise that independently grasps the complete technical capacity of the display industry. In 2012, BOE applied for 2686 patents, and the number of patents per capita and per unit output value of R & D personnel ranked first in the global industry. BOE has more than 10000 patents available. In the first half of 2013, the number of patents applied by BOE has reached 1600, which is expected to reach 3500 in the whole year. BOE has become the top three in the global industry in terms of the number of new patents in mainland China, and the fifth high-tech enterprise in the global industry in terms of shipping volume.


In the wired / wireless communication semiconductor industry, Broadcom Corporation is not only a first-class technology innovator, but also a global leader. Broadcom's products cover home, office and mobile environments to meet the needs of voice, video, data and multimedia applications. We provide the industry's most diversified and advanced system single chip and software solutions for manufacturers of computing and networking equipment, digital entertainment and broadband access products and mobile devices. These solutions all support our core mission: Connecting everything. Broadcom, one of Fortune 500 enterprises, is one of the world's largest fabless communication semiconductor companies. In 2009, it had a turnover of 4.49 billion US dollars, more than 4050 US patents, 1650 overseas patents, and more than 7900 patents in application. In addition, Broadcom has become one of the companies with the richest portfolio of intellectual property products, which can combine wired and wireless transmission of voice, video and data.


The company was founded in 1981 by Mr. Liao Zongren, chairman of the board. With the forward-looking decision of the chairman of the board of directors and the hard work of all colleagues, the scale of the company has grown and expanded year by year. The customer base has spread all over the world. There are many long-term cooperative customers in Taiwan, mainland China, South Korea, Southeast Asia, America, Europe and other places. The products are widely used in many fields of 3C industry such as computer, communication, consumer electronics and so on. Baihong's production base was first established in Taiwan's Taipei County Industrial Zone. Based on the favorable land, labor and market incentives of mainland China, Wanhui enterprise was established in Hong Kong in 1990 as a trans shipment base of raw materials and finished products in three places across the Taiwan Strait. In the same year, it invested in the construction of Dongguan Gaobu factory in mainland China. Through the transshipment of Wanhui enterprises, the products made in mainland China can be directly transported to customers in Asia, America, Europe and other places in the shortest time. Dongguan Gaobu factory has a land area of 45000, a plant area of 54000, and more than 3000 employees. Its main products include LED, display module, infrared component module, SMD LED and LED application module. Based on the consideration of improving service efficiency close to the market, Baihong invested in the establishment of us branch in 1996 and Kunshan Sales Office in 2000. Today, when the company has made great achievements, we have not forgotten what makes us strong - that is, our commitment to our customers. In addition to providing customers with high-quality and competitive products, integrity is our consistent policy in dealing with customers, so that Baihong has always been a partner that customers trust and are willing to cooperate with for a long time. In addition, Baihong attaches great importance to the partnership with suppliers. Through the close cooperation and good communication between the supplier and the demander, it will establish a stable source of raw materials with consideration of quality and cost, so as to achieve the goal of competitive advantage in the market and win-win situation. The new century will bring new challenges and opportunities. Baihong's operation in technology research and development, production layout, market access establishment and so on will also enter another breakthrough period. In the future, Baihong will develop greater business opportunities in the fields of computer, communication, consumer electronics, transportation, lighting and other industries, and continue to challenge the operation goal of forever growth.


Bel helps make global connectivity a reality by manufacturing electronic components for the computer, networking, and telecommunication industries. Partnered with the leaders in these markets, we develop new products for emerging technologies that enable high speed communication.