For more than 60 years, APEM has been a leader in the field of high-quality micro and industrial switch manufacturing, with a wide range of product lines in the industry. APEM's product portfolio consists of an expanding HMI interface product, including switches, joysticks, indicators, and keypads.


API Delevan designs, manufactures and sells a wide range of high-quality inductors, chokes, and coils to meet a wide range of electrical filtering requirements. The company focuses on the production of high-performance inductive devices to meet strict regulatory requirements and customer specifications related to high quality and high reliability.


API technologies Corp. is a leading provider of RF / microwave, microelectronics and security technologies for critical and high reliability applications.


The worst environment in the world is our test ground"... APM hexseal has always been the mission and motto, because in 1947, APM first developed switches and breakers, high-voltage lines, sealing boots, APM high IP level of the U.S. Navy


Anderson power products (APP) Anderson power products (APP) is an ISO9001: Certified leader in high power interconnection solutions, rapid prototyping and manufacturing 2008. Anderson power products (APP) offers a variety of contact options - Flat wipe, pin and socket, hot swappable


Arcol is a supplier and manufacturer focused on power resistors. An international company approved by ISO9001, arcol house every process in one location. From design, procurement, manufacturing, production and sales, you can rest assured of the consistency and excellence of all products.


Arm develops and manufactures software development tools for 8051251, arm and xc16x / c16x / ST10 microcontroller families. Since its inception, arm has driven the industry and advanced software technology to a new height. Its unchanging and vigorous research has achieved results again and again, because it constantly develops innovative products, making product development easier.


ASI manufactures RF power transistors and microwave diodes. They are ISO 9001 certified companies that specialize in manufacturing obsolete components that are difficult to find for replacement purposes and new designs


The development of the company began in 1969 Today, Assmann WSW components, founded in 1969, has grown into a global operations expert in electromechanical components, thermal management products and computer network accessories.


American technical ceramics - American technical ceramics Corp. (ATC) provides components and custom integrated packaging solutions for the RF, microwave and telecom industries. ATC designs, develops, manufactures and markets multilayer capacitors, single-layer capacitors, resistor products, inductors and customized film products for RF, microwave and millimeter wave applications.


ATP electronics, Inc. - ATP is committed to using its innovative IC packaging, module / flash media product design technology to provide advanced large capacity value-added memory products and solutions, and through its global sales and marketing channels to provide customers with the best service.


ATS has solved the problem of heat dissipation for 23 years. They started as a consulting firm and have expanded their cooling solutions for demand to continue to grow. ATS has expanded its role in thermal management consulting and rapid prototyping manufacturing services. ATS develops innovative, higher performance radiators and production means to improve thermal management research. Around the world, engineers rely on ATS for its advanced products and services


AVX Corporation is a global technology leader in the manufacturing of passive electronic components and interconnecting products. The passive components department is responsible for manufacturing comprehensive surface mount and lead ceramic capacitors, RF thick film and thin film components, multilayer ceramic and tantalum capacitors, film capacitors, ceramic and film power capacitors, super capacitors, EMI filters, film and thick film packaging, varistor, thermistor, inductance and resistance products.


AVX connectors, AVX interconnect is the technology leader in the interconnect market, manufacturing various connectors, such as cardedge, backplane, head, I / O, rectangle, SMT and FFC / FPC connectors, as well as battery connectors. AVX interconnect's commitment to provide customers with the best customer service, together with the most advanced product performance, ensures that our customers can design solutions to meet the latest market demand


Aavid thermelloy - Aavid thermelloy is a leading provider of thermal management solutions and products, serving leading global electronics companies in the United States, Europe and Asia. Since 1964, Aavid engineers have been working to solve thermal management problems, designing products for the world's top companies, such as Cisco, Juniper Networks, apple, Microsoft, Intel, HP, Sun Microsystems, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Dell, IBM, Lockheed Martin, Ge, Samsung and more.


Abracon LLC. - Abracon LLC. is a global manufacturer of frequency control, signal conditioning, clock distribution, and magnetic components. Abracon offers a wide selection of quartz crystal, crystal and MEMS oscillators, real-time clocks, antennas, Bluetooth modules, ceramic resonators, SAW filters and resonators, inductors, transformers and circuit protection components. The company is ISO9001-2008 certified, has design and application engineering resources in California and Illinois, and has sales offices in Texas, California, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Scotland and Germany. Abracon's products are available through its global distribution network


- Active-Semi 于 2004 年创立于硅谷,总部设在德州艾伦,是一家资产达数十亿美元的电源管理 IC 和智能数字电机驱动 IC 市场迅速崛起的行业领导者。 该公司的模拟和混合信号 SoC(片上系统)产品组合是充电、供电和嵌入式数字控制系统中使用的可扩展核心平台,适合如工业、商业和消费电子设备之类终端应用。


Adafruit is a private company founded in 2005 that specializes in the design and manufacture of open source electronic hardware. Adafruit is designed and manufactured in the United States. Encourage professional engineers and manufacturers to design and use all kinds of electronic products and enterprises to provide new accessories. They are characterized by unique and interesting DIY electronic components and turn every day for high-tech prototype kits suitable for education and advanced production concepts.


Adapteva, Inc. is a private semiconductor company that has developed the world's most efficient and scalable multi-core processor chip for parallel computing. Adapteva's pioneering epiphany multi-core architecture represents the classification of new large-scale parallel computer architecture, is the future of computing technology, and will disintegrate the broad terminal market from compact low-power equipment to the new generation of supercomputers. In order to realize parallel computing in heterogeneous environment, adapteva adopts open source mode to make architecture, interface and programming information open to all.


Adesto technology is a leading developer of conductive bridge RAM (cbram) memory technology. Cbram is an ultra-low power consumption, which is designed for a wide range of discrete and embedded market CMOS compatible non-volatile memory. Adesto technologies is currently deploying some leading semiconductor partners with cbram technologies in the market