Founded in 2000 with a capital of USD$10 million , Formerica Optoelectronics Inc. is a technology leader of 40Gb/s, 100Gb/s optical solutions for telecomm, datacom, 16Gb/s fibre channel/SAS, video surveillance, industrial control, 4G/LTE backhaul and 3D TV/AV applications. We are a global company with a reputation for excellence in service for various industries. In addition, Formerica is a key enabler of high-definition video transmission products for digital signage, magnetic resonance imaging, automobile and broadcasting markets with world-class quality and reliability.


Since having incorporated in year 2000, Fidelix Co,. Ltd. has focused on developing higher performance yet more cost competitive memory solutions to our potential customers. Our goal is to provide low power and fast speed memory solutions required in the area of mobile communication and point-to-point applications. By working together with our business partners, we are sure to well meet your specific requirements with better performing products, better pricing and more responsive workmanship. Our staff members, including our business partners and shareholders will keep up the good work to prove the sense of pride during the course of serving you in the market place


Since 1969, Norberg-IES has been serving the electrical industry from America's heartland, Tulsa, OK. With our 30,000 square foot facility that is both UL listed and 9001:2000, we are large enough to meet your needs, yet small enough to give you the customer service you deserve.

First Sensor

First Sensor has over 20 years experience in the development and manufacture of unique sensor solutions offering highest levels of precision and reliability.


For over fifty years Fair-Rite Products Corp. has been the first choice in cost effective ferrite components. We offer a comprehensive product line that includes a wide range of materials and geometries for EMI Suppression, Power Applications, and RFID Antennas. We place the highest value on quality, engineering, service, and continual improvement.




深圳市飞思瑞克科技有限公司 深圳市飞思瑞克科技有限公司是一家专业致力于存储器IC的研发、生产和销售合作商。


Finisar Corporation 是一家在光通信器件和子系统领域的全球技术领导者。这些产品可在网络、存储、无线和有线电视应用中实现高速语音、视频和数据通信。在过去的二十多年间,Finisar 在光技术领域实现了诸多重大突破,并已具备向系统制造商提供满足日益剧增的网络带宽和存储需求所需的量产能力。业界领先的 Finisar 光产品包括:收发器、有源线缆、WSS ROADM、光测试设备和有源及无源器件。




富晶電子股份有限公司位於台北、成立於1995年,是亞洲最早切入類比IC設計的先驅之一,精通電路設計與整合技術。 Fortune Semiconductor Corporation (Fortune™), established since 1995, is an analog IC design house headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan. As one of the very first design houses in Asia to enter analog IC design, accumulated experience has contributed to our proficiency in both circuit design and SOC/SIP technology.


FocalTech (敦泰科技) 于2005年由数名来自美国硅谷IC业界的资深华人专家在美国注册成立,并于2006年迁址回亚洲,在深圳及台湾设立了研发及工程服务中心,是一家具有全球影响力的华人IC设计公司。FocalTech首先从事的是TFT-LCD显示驱动芯片的开发,并于2007年开始投入并逐渐全面专注于电容式触摸屏控制芯片的设计研发、制造及销售。


天鈺科技(Fitipower Integrated Technology Inc.)為一家專業的電源管理與液晶顯示器驅動 IC 晶片設計公司,1995 年創立於台灣新竹科學園區,於 2010 年通過興櫃申請(興櫃代號:4961),總部設於新竹科學園區,另設有分公司於台北內湖、中國深圳、上海、山東煙台等地,銷售業務遍及韓國、日本等亞洲地區。擁有精湛的類比、數位、與混合訊號之研發能力,產品涵蓋液晶面板驅動 IC、電源管理 IC 與馬達驅動 IC 等多種產品。


福州瑞芯微电子有限公司(Fuzhou Rockchip Electronics Co., Ltd.)成立于2001年,是专业集成电路设计公司和经国家认定的高新技术企业。 瑞芯微专注于移动互联网、数字多媒体芯片设计,是专业的个人移动信息终端SOC解决方案供应商。瑞芯微在移动互联网领域有多个较完整的自主创新的知识产权群,为中国电子业发展做出积极努力。目前产品涵盖Android平板电脑、Android电视机顶盒(智能电视)、电子书、WIFI/蓝牙音频解决方案等。瑞芯微连续五届获得中国芯最高荣誉。瑞芯微的合作客户遍及国内外知名公司,已成为中国移动互联芯片解决方案的第一品牌。 瑞芯微总部设在福州,进行芯片核心设计及研发;在北京、深圳以及上海三地均设立分公司,为瑞芯微电子项目研发及市场业务对接平台。瑞芯人与中国集成电路产业共同飞速前进,以坚韧的毅力和饱满的热情担负着发展民族IC设计产业的责任,我们真诚欢迎各位心存远大抱负、乐于接受挑战和追求成就感的年轻人加盟,共同创造中国集成电路设计产业的辉煌明天!


FDK CORPORATION is a manufacturer, which manufactures, sells and exports various kinds of batteries, rechargeable batteries, battery devices, electronic components and devices.


广州勇鑫电子有限公司,位于广州白云区人和镇,是一家专业设计、制造各种开关电源的股份有限责任公司,业务涉及电源IC及开关电源生产,2005年开始参与设计power系列电源IC。产品主要用于DVD VCD影碟机及家庭影院 、各类手机充电器、电池充电器,液晶显示器电源领域;公司交通便利,环境雅致,距广州国际机场不足两公里,邻望京广铁路广州北站。




Grayhill Inc Since founding in 1943, Grayhill has been committed to providing top-quality human interface solutions for a wide range of applications. We take pride in having been the first in our field to achieve ISO 9001 certification. More recently, we were among the first to be certified to the SAE AS9100 Revision C Quality Management System (QMS) for defense organizations.


GSI Technology designs, develops and markets a broad range of high performance memory products for networking, military, medical, automotive and other applications. We specialize in memory products featuring very high transaction rates, high density, low latency, high bandwidth, fast clock access times, and low power consumption. We offer unusually long product support life cycles, short lead times, the largest high performance memory product portfolio in the market and complete pre and post-sale support.


創惟科技之主要業務為積體電路、電腦週邊設備及相關產品之設計、製造、測試與銷售,提供消費性電子及系統製造商等客戶完整的解決方案。高速 SerDes 技術之開發與應用為創惟科技之核心競爭力,除USB 3.0 技術外,現也投入更高速SerDes介面技術之研發工作,以掌握跨領域、跨平台的新技術發展趨勢與應用市場的契機。


GE is building the world by providing capital, expertise and infrastructure for a global economy. GE Capital has provided billions in financing so businesses can build and grow their operations and consumers can build their financial futures. We build appliances, lighting, power systems and other products that help millions of homes, offices, factories and retail facilities around the world work better.